Sang Vu

Professional Coaching Areas


Career Coaching

I have knowledge and experience of many different careers in different industries. If you want to get the edge in your career, climb the career ladder quickly, or if you are planning to transition to a new career, I provide support and valuable insights and ideas.

If you're struggling to figure out what to do career-wise, let's talk - I love helping people figure out their life purpose and translating that into a viable career path.


Business Coaching

I have set up a number of businesses and understand the end-to-end process. If you're looking to set up your own business, why not be coached by someone who has been there and bought the T-shirt?

I have done battle in the business world and  understand intimately your struggles and obstacles and can help you to achieve the success you want in your business as quickly as possible.


Stress Management

I have suffered long periods of intense & chronic stress and I know how overwhelming and debilitating it can be - don't worry, you are not alone!

We will identify the sources of stress, identify patterns of belief and conditioning that causes you stress and help you develop positive mental, emotional & environmental frameworks to eliminate, reduce & manage stress.

Personal Coaching Areas


Developing positive habits

I have developed many positive habits such as daily journaling, meditation, exercise and understand the processes to effectively eliminate the barriers to developing positive habits and making them stick!

It wasn't easy but I know the formula and can help you to develop positive habits much more quickly than I did because you will benefit from my many (many) trials and tribulations!



Let's clarify what you really want in respect of your relationships - it always starts with you...

Interpersonal relationships is one area where the limiting beliefs and negative conditioned behaviours show up very strongly and we would work on systematically swapping those for more empowering beliefs that help you build & cultivate the beautiful relationships you want in your life.


Finding purpose and meaning

Having experienced a quarter life crisis, I know how it feels to be adrift, lost &!

Let's work together to excavate your authentic self - that little quiet inner voice you've probably drowned out all these years. 

Once you start listening to that voice and acting on its suggestions, I promise you will experience more purpose, meaning and joy in your life 😊