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The unbearable pain of disconnection from meaning and purpose

I meet a lot of people. And I pick up and feel these people’s emotions. These emotions that people can’t even put into words - it’s like when you have a vivid dream and you want to remember it. But you wake up and the dream, which a few seconds ago felt so intense, so real, is now a fuzzy haze.

For a lot of people, there is this constant feeling of discontent, of disconnect, of something is not right. But it’s not something they can articulate. They feel it. It’s a real, sometimes intense, pain but they don’t understand it.

I believe this pain of disconnect is the modern-day pandemic. From what I’ve observed, it’s the pain of disconnect from two things:

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On Life, On Death, On Regrets

My school friend passed away a couple of days ago. I've known this person since the age of 11. He died of a sudden heart attack. It happened out of the blue. No warning. No doctor saying you have three months to live, get your affairs in order. He was young. Far too young to die.

But, that's the thing about death - it's the one equaliser in life. It doesn't care if you're young, old, rich, poor, black, white or educated or not. We will all die one day. That's the one certainty in life. And that day could be today.

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