Speed up your success by increasing your speed of implementation - get more done, faster

Ben Hardy in his book “Willpower Doesn’t Work” says that success is easy. It involves taking 20 steps in one direction. Most of us take one step in 20 different directions, if we take that step at all.

All successful people take massive action in one direction – consistently, every single day – and they take that action fast. Speed of implementation is the most important thing if you want to achieve success or results quickly.

When you’re in business rather than employed, you don’t get paid for your time – you get paid for the results you achieve. To get results you must take lots of action, quickly. It’s as simple as that.

I achieve much more in one day than the average person because I do things quickly. Here’s some ideas which have worked incredibly well for me.

1. Focus on ONE thing

I made the mistake for many years of doing way too much. I had so many interests and wanted to try lots of different things. What I’ve realised is that to achieve significant success you need to figure out what you love to do in your business/professional life and focus on it. All the people we may admire in the business world – Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey – they found their sweet spot and focused on it.

I cannot stress this enough – you only have so much energy each day and if you pick 5 different projects to focus on, you can only allocate 20% of your energy to each of those projects, compared to focussing 100% of your energy on one project. If you did the latter, you’d make progress at least 5x more quickly.

2. Don’t be a perfectionist

I remember setting up a website for a business in less than a week. I had a friend who spent a year working on his website and still didn’t manage to launch it. He was obsessing about the curve of a logo and went back and forth with the designer for about 3 months on this. 3 months! I’d created my website and published it and moved onto the next task. Was it perfect? Of course not! Did it do the job? Absolutely.

I would suggest throwing perfectionism out of the window. I aimed for perfection for many years and all it did was cause me stress and obsessive-compulsive tendencies. Good enough in about 80-90% of cases is good enough.

Whatever it is you need to do, try to do it as quickly as possible. For example, I’m writing this blog – I could easily agonise over it and spend hours researching, thinking, editing and aim for the perfect blog. That process could stretch to 4-5 hours. I’ve given myself 50 minutes to research, think, write and edit this blog. Sure, there may be some typos in it and it could be a little more polished – but would spending the extra 4 hours on it make that much of a difference to the reader? Probably not, as people read blogs for practical ideas and inspiration and if I’ve ticked those two boxes, I’m happy. Next.

3. Do everything FASTER

If you’re not someone who naturally does things quickly, learn to do things faster. You can do this by setting yourself a very tight timeframe for doing any task.

What you need to do is compress the time available to do things. It will force you to focus on the essentials and cut out the fluff. You will need to talk faster, type faster, read faster, walk faster and so on to get the things done in the allocated time.

I am using this idea of compressing time to get things done even faster. I set time limits for everything I do – it forces me to focus. I only have 50 minutes to write a blog – oops better focus – better not check my phone, Facebook, YouTube. Try this, you’ll be amazed at how much faster you can get things done when you focus under time pressure.

4. If you come across a good idea, act NOW

If you come across a great idea that could help you move your one thing forward, implement it right away or at least the same day. For example, if I’m watching a YouTube video to learn, I make some bullet-point notes and implement at least one idea that same day. If there’s exercises in a book I’m reading, I will do the exercises there and then. When you consume content for learning purposes, make sure you implement something -  even a very small thing at the time you learn it. If you don’t you've probably wasted the time consuming that content. Knowledge, most of the time, is only useful once implemented.

A challenge, should you choose to accept:

Pick one idea, just one idea from this blog and implement it. Now. Don’t be one of those people who reads blog after blog hoping for results. You only get the results you want by taking MASSIVE action today. Not tomorrow, not some time in the future of “one day… never”.

If you'd like to change your life, there's no faster way than getting some coaching with a coach focused on helping you get the results you want. FAST.