How to make a difficult decision

Many of us have to make difficult decisions. Perhaps it is to leave our current job. Perhaps it’s whether to move to another country. Perhaps it’s to end a relationship which is simply not working. We all have those moments in life where we’re standing on the edge of the cliff. Do we make the jump? Make that leap of faith? Or do we retreat and edge back from the cliff?

The thing about difficult decisions is whether you actively make a decision or not, you’re making a decision.

Whether you decide to stay in your current job even though it’s slowly killing you, or you stay in a relationship which is leaving you empty and isolated, you’ve made a decision and you’re already suffering from the consequences of that decision.

The decision is difficult because it involves a degree of risk and uncertainty. And perhaps you fear the fall-out.

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The unbearable pain of disconnection from meaning and purpose

I meet a lot of people. And I pick up and feel these people’s emotions. These emotions that people can’t even put into words - it’s like when you have a vivid dream and you want to remember it. But you wake up and the dream, which a few seconds ago felt so intense, so real, is now a fuzzy haze.

For a lot of people, there is this constant feeling of discontent, of disconnect, of something is not right. But it’s not something they can articulate. They feel it. It’s a real, sometimes intense, pain but they don’t understand it.

I believe this pain of disconnect is the modern-day pandemic. From what I’ve observed, it’s the pain of disconnect from two things:

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How to overcome resistance and actually get stuff done

Are there things you resist doing?

You wake up – today is the start of a brand-new day you say to yourself. I’m going to launch my new business. I’m going to do my bookkeeping. I have to climb on top of my pile of clothes to find what I need - I’m going to declutter! I’m going to start that new exercise regime.

Two months later, it’s still sitting on your list. And you feel stressed and anxious. Or worst still, you feel guilty?

Whoever you are, no matter how talented or capable, I bet there’s things you’re resisting doing. So how do you start getting a handle on the resistance monster?

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The one habit to rule them all – how to become healthier, happier and more productive

If you’re an entrepreneur, a business owner or a working in a challenging profession, you are a mental athlete. The brain is the greediest organ in the human body. It weighs about three pounds, which is about 2% of your body weight. Yet it uses up to 20% of your body's energy.

So what happens to mental athletes when they don't prepare, when they don't warm up?

Two things:

1. They don't perform very well - certainly not at the peak levels of productivity and high levels of performance they are capable of

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On Life, On Death, On Regrets

My school friend passed away a couple of days ago. I've known this person since the age of 11. He died of a sudden heart attack. It happened out of the blue. No warning. No doctor saying you have three months to live, get your affairs in order. He was young. Far too young to die.

But, that's the thing about death - it's the one equaliser in life. It doesn't care if you're young, old, rich, poor, black, white or educated or not. We will all die one day. That's the one certainty in life. And that day could be today.

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Speed up your success by increasing your speed of implementation - get more done, faster

Ben Hardy in his book “Willpower Doesn’t Work” says that success is easy. It involves taking 20 steps in one direction. Most of us take one step in 20 different directions, if we take that step at all.

All successful people take massive action in one direction – consistently, every single day – and they take that action fast. Speed of implementation is the most important thing if you want to achieve success or results quickly.

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